The Premier B2B Credit Network

Extend risk-free lines of credit to your business buyers.

Increase Revenue, Not Risk.

Drive Sales

Issue customer credit accounts to make ordering and payment even easier.

Streamline A/R

Apruve manages your customer credit approval, invoicing, collections and payments.

Improve Cash Flow

You get paid within 24 hours of any invoice being generated. Your Days Sales Outstanding goes to 1.

Reduce Risk

Collections? That's our worry, not yours. We take on the risk associated with offering payment terms.

You're Not a Bank

Extending terms to your customer leads to your own cash flow and collections issues. Apruve's credit network gets you paid right away while your customers still have the convenience of payment terms.

Designed for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

Whether your orders come in through a webstore or offline, Apruve's network makes extending credit to your customers painless.

The B2B Credit Network

Connecting suppliers with banks to offer revolving lines of credit to their business customers. Finally, a credit network designed for businesses to drive sales.

Grow your business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and introduce a new credit management platform that will streamline your A/R, increase cash flow and offer the flexibility of extending terms to your customers?