B2B ecommerce continues to be the new frontier of online selling. If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor, chances are you’re looking at your paper catalogs as outdated tools to grow your business. Ecommerce is the present/future of B2B. At Apruve, our entire business is based upon serving the needs of B2B ecommerce sellers and buyers. To better address the needs of our customers, we have researched a variety of verticals to measure a merchant’s “Apruval Rating”. Each rating is a calculation of various metrics related to a seller’s online store and how they interact with their customer.

Office Supply Apruval Rating Report

Office Supplies

B2B eCommerce Apruval Rating Report

Promotional Products Apruval Report

Promotional Products

B2B eCommerce Apruval Rating Report

Electrical Distributors apruval rating report

Electrical Distributors

B2B eCommerce Apruval Rating Report