A Breath of Fresh A/R

Lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), mitigate risk, and automate collections.

Financial Reporting

Decrease DSO

Drastically reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by partnering with Apruve. Our customers have been able to bring their DSO to as low as one day.

Boost productivity

Automate the dunning process with a fully customizable accounts receivable solution. Choose your preferred customer communication with the use of email, direct mail, SMS, and/or phone.

Financial productivity
Financial Growth

Scale your credit program

Growing customers does not mean increasing tasks. Effortlessly approve and manage new accounts at scale. Empower credit and A/R teams to grow revenue without additional overhead or resources.

Radioparts extends large credit lines without sacrificing cash flow 

See how Radioparts was able to go live with Apruve. They were immediately able to extend large credit lines to their business buyers without slow or late payments.

Match payments to invoices and close them without manual steps.

Automatically pass buyers through multiple databases to mitigate fraud.

Offer an online credit application that approves buyers in as little as 3 minutes.

Buyers apply online and are given a cloud-based portal to view history and invoices.

Customers can close their invoice using the payment they prefer.

Choose how we communicate with your buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage all of our accounts?

We manage the accounts you choose. This could be a customer segment, like long tail customers, or your full portfolio.

What are financing options?

Businesses can extend net terms of 30,60,90 or EOM 15 and offer equipment financing to their business buyers. Suppliers can choose a non-recourse or recourse financing option or underwrite accounts themselves.

What’s your pricing structure?

Our pricing is similar to a credit card, we charge a transaction fee per invoice based on total invoice volume and a monthly SaaS fee.

Do we need to finance all of our accounts?

Suppliers can choose which customers they want to finance. Those they wish to not finance can still be automated through the Apruve platform.

Where is Apruve available?

Apruve is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the EU. Additional locations are available on a per company and need basis.

How do you integrate?

Our open API integrates into most order management software. Many integrations are out-of-the-box, but additional integrations can be created. 

How much visibility do we have into your collections process?

Suppliers have full visibility into our communication with their buyers. Furthermore, customers can customize the messages, channels, and frequency to meet their specific needs.

How To Control Cash Flow

Don’t manage Cash Flow, CONTROL IT!

Every business faces a variety of random variables that can cause havoc on their cash management. Luckily, the variables that cause companies the most pain can also be minimized to drastically improve a business’s ability to predict cash flow forecasting.

In this eBook:

  • Current Cash Flow Statistics
  • Actionable steps to improve AP and AR
  • The difference between managing and controlling cash flow


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