Your Custom B2B Credit Management Solution

Effortlessly extend net terms without doing credit approvals, collections, or worrying about payment.

Increased cash flow

All Invoices Paid in a Day

Extend credit to your business buyers without ever opening a receivable. Apruve’s credit management solution lowers Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), mitigates risk, and boosts working capital. 

Automate the Mundane

Digitally transform your credit program by automating invoicing, collections, and payments; lowering A/R expenses by up to 30%.


A Customizable Experience

Offer your customers an online portal to view invoices, history, set up purchasing teams, and simplify payment options; all branded to your preference.

A Credit Solution that Benefits Your Entire Company

Credit & A/R        Automate mundane tasks to focus on more productive activities.

Increase financial visibility, forecasting, and working capital at once. 

Sales & Marketing
Optimize the customer experience and speed up the sales cycle.

Improve the experience by offering credit from your payment gateway.

Business Buyers
Offer full visibility into credit lines, open invoices, and purchase history.

How Apruve Works

Like a credit card, Apruve ties together your company’s order management software to a network of lenders, funding transactions as they happen. 

This simple concept can be customized per supplier or per buyer depending on the terms needed and financing requested.

B2B credit program

Financed customers are paid within 24 hours of invoicing.

Recognize immediate savings on labor and A/R expenses.

Decrease cash flow uncertainty to better predict working capital.

Pre-qualify current business buyers and have new clients approved in less than 48 hours.

Offer a digital, fully branded experience for your customers.

Automate your credit program from your current technology stack.

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AR Cost

Do you know the cost of your credit program?

While the vast majority of companies calculate a credit program by overhead, A/R resources and expenses, they tend to overlook some of the largest costs.

This short ebook dives in-depth to each aspect of extending payments terms and how it plays a role in an organization and its bottom line.

Ready to empower your credit program?

Talk to our Credit & Payment Specialists about how Apruve can improve your processes.