TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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B2B Net Terms & BNPL to Meet Your Goals

Customize your credit management to your markets, customers, and goals.

Offer Net Terms & Buy Now, Pay Later

Makes offering net terms to your B2B buyers as easy as accepting a credit card. Extend a variety of terms, whether net 30, 60, 90, or EOM 15. Payment terms can be applied to your full customer base, or on a per-customer basis.

Decrease DSO to One Day

Extend credit to your business buyers without ever opening a receivable. Apruve’s credit management solution lowers Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), mitigates risk, and boosts working capital.

Automate the Mundane

Digitally transform your procure-to-pay process by automating invoicing, collections, and payments; lowering A/R expenses by up to 30%. Give your team time to focus on higher-value customers and activities. 

Customizable Experience

Customize your net terms and buy now pay later programs to your markets, customers, and goals. Select from multiple payment, financing, and integration options. 


Guaranteed Payments

Get paid the next day for all purchases on net payment terms.

Lower Fixed Costs

Reduce fixed costs by 50% by automating credit, payments, and A/R.

Fraud Protection

Buyers are sent through multiple databases to mitigate fraudulent purchases.

Fast Onboarding

Pre-qualify current buyers and onboard new customers in as little as 3 minutes.


Extend credit lines that can exceed $1 million.

credit management

Customer Credit Management

Customers can create purchasing teams, autopay, and track invoices  from the buyer portal.

A Credit Solution that Benefits Your Entire Company

Automate mundane tasks to focus on more productive activities.


Increase financial visibility, forecasting, and working capital.

sales & Marketing

Optimize the customer experience and speed up the sales cycle.

Improve the experience by offering credit from your payment gateway.

Business Buyers

Offer full visibility into credit lines, open invoices, and purchase history.

Standard Features

  • Open API
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital payment option
  • Buyer purchasing teams
  • Buyer order metrics & reporting
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Online credit limit increase request
  • Lockbox for checks
  • Online credit approval
  • Cash app and automatic invoice closure
  • Autopay when invoices are due
  • Text message payment reminders
  • Online Buyer Portal