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Grow Revenue By Joining Apruve's Global Credit Network

Drive credit card-like returns through our automated B2B credit management and payments platform.

Venn Diagram of Buyers, suppliers, banks with Apruve in the middle
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Customized Credit & Payment Programs

Apruve matches clients’ specific needs to the right lending partner based on buyer base, geographic location, currency, and more. Our goal is to enable global enterprises to grow profitably by optimizing and streamlining long-tail credit and A/R processes while designing a program to minimize risk and maximize return for our lending partners.

Apruve’s Payment Platform intelligently automates long-tail credit, payments and A/R processes to drive end-to-end operational efficiencies for customers.

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Millions Moved

We process thousands of transactions a month from around the world in multiple currencies.

Grow Lending Program

We receive dozens of inquiries a month to design customized B2B credit programs for manufacturers and suppliers around the world. We will bring suppliers that match your underwriting capabilities to you.

Optimize Customer Service

Fully Automated

Our API based architecture seamlessly integrates to third party lenders. We manage the “rules” of each program to deliver a hands off experience for our lending partners.

Venn Diagram of Buyers, suppliers, banks with Apruve in the middle

Apruve’s Lender Network

Apruve’s lending network allows suppliers to extend unique payment terms to their customers while not sacrificing working capital or increasing financial risk. Here is how:
  •  An approved buyer makes an order with their supplier.
  • The order is automatically sent via API to the lender to finance.
  • Suppliers fulfill the order.
  • Buyers pay the lender directly using their Apruve portal.

Join Apruve's Global Credit Network

We are revolutionizing how businesses get paid and seek partners that helps us accomplish this. 
If you specialize in B2B lending or payments, let’s start a conversation.