Automate Accounts Receivable for B2B Credit Management

Offer payment terms to your business customer without any credit risk or A/R.

Collecting receivables is not your business!

Money Tree

Businesses commonly run into one large issue. Their customers want to buy now, but pay later. In order to meet your customers’ needs your business has opened its doors to this B2B buying behavior buying “On Account”. This decision has made your customers ecstatic, but has left your finance department stressed out. Every account and purchase continually adds more work, more room for error and risk of not receiving payment. To counter balance these issues companies commonly increase their receivables department, move to traditional factoring and/or buy trade credit insurance.

What if you could still offer your customers what they wanted.. but you would never have to worry about ever sending out another invoice, collecting payment, or even put another receivable on your balance sheet.

With Apruve this is all possible, we do more that just automate accounts receivable we are an AR solution. Our credit network connects buyers, sellers and banks to remove all the work and risk that is commonly associated with receivables.

Here’s how it works!

We plug into your current order taking processes, such as your ERP or eCommerce platform. When an order is taken, the information is automatically pulled into Apruve’s portal.

From there, Apruve issues payment to the seller within 24 hours of shipment and then takes the customer data to handle the invoices and collections. That’s right, you read that correctly:

  • No Collections
  • No Financial Risk
  • No Invoicing
  • Seller paid in 24 hours


When you make the move to Apruve, we make the on-boarding experience as easy and seamless as possible for all parties involved.

Credit Management

Design the credit program that works for you – your terms, your brand. Everything is custom designed with you in mind.

Invoice Financing

We take on the risk and invoicing while you offer credit and terms to your customers. You are paid within 24 hours of a shipment.

Account Management

We will send invoices, emails and statements on your behalf – freeing up your time, while giving you access to everything in the cloud.

Reduce Your Paper-Based Processes

Credit applications, end-of-month statements, invoices, and payments have been digitized, bringing your credit program into the cloud.

Design Your Own Credit Program

Your Terms.

You dictate the credit terms set for your customers. Our most popular program works like your credit card: Apruve consolidates all customer orders made in a calendar month and sends a single invoice for payment due on the 15th of the following month.

Your Brand.

We realize that your brand is important, and that’s why it will be on the forefront of every piece of material sent out, Apruve is just the moderator for those materials. Send us your logo and we will take care of the rest.

It’s All About the Data

Apruve gives you the tools to monitor the pulse on your overall credit program or an individual account.
Our dashboard offers an easy-to-understand view of your customers and financials.

Reduce Your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Apruve pays your invoices within 24 hours from when an item ships, increasing your cash flow immediately.


Apruve is fully-integrated with these platforms and many others.

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