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Safety Glasses USA


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Safety Glasses USA, Inc., a
veteran-owned company, is an international online retailer of
personal protective equipment, with eyewear as their core product. They have been serving individuals, B2B, and government since 2000. As a premier resource for protective eyewear and

equipment they provide affordable safety products while employing a commitment of excellence that is expressed in their customer service principles, policies and practice. By adding in Apruve, they are able to offer more to their customers while sticking to their mission.

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Overall we have been very satisfied with our decision to go with Apruve. They provide a niche service that small businesses like ours simply cannot do well – check the credit worthiness of and establish new term accounts. They have taken the risk of extending credit away from us.

— Kendra Eldridge, Vice President, HR Manager, Safety Glasses USA

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Extending payment terms created a drain on cash flow, working capital,
and back-office resources. Safety Glasses USA was unable to easily tell which customers have a good repayment history along with accessing necessary credit needs.

Using Apruve, Safety Glasses USA is able to check the creditworthiness of potential new clients, quickly add new credit accounts, establish appropriate terms, and get expedited customer payment.

How it works

Safety Glasses USA utilizes BigCommerce as their platform for all of their customer orders. Apruve integrates with this platform through an API call. A Safety Glasses USA customer would use their Apruve account when placing an order with specified credit terms.


Safety Glasses USA started in 2000 and are a leading retailer of all types of eye protection.


Platforms utilized:BigCommerce


Apruve used its BigCommerce extension and Open API to integrate with Safety Glasses USA order management flow.


Safety Glasses USA customers can purchase on terms through Apruve.

Case Study [/raw]Safety Glasses USA[raw]

Average order size

Total credit extended
* this number will continue to rise

Accomplishments in 10 Months

Safety Glasses USA has been utilizing Apruve for over 10 months, and here is the highlight of benefits they have experienced.

Managed Business Accounts

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Total Managed Invoices

Processed Order Volume

Before Apruve

using Apruve

Data was accurate on April 3, 2019.
Information reflects only orders through Apruve.
All data points will continue to grow.

About Apruve

Apruve is a B2B credit network that connects business buyers, their suppliers, and third-party banks to drive B2B sales through easy, risk-free lines of credit. Apruve integrates directly into online stores or ERPs to manage credit programs for suppliers with and without eCommerce. To learn more about how Apruve can grow your business, visit

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