Sell On Net Terms Without Cash Flow Concerns
Automate your credit program and eliminate the uncertainty of when you get paid.
No Manual Steps
Everything from credit approvals to collections is automated. Extending terms is as easy as taking a credit card.
Scale Your Credit Program
Extend net terms to your customers effortlessly without increasing risk or overhead.
Better Customer Experience
Provide a seamless and fast experience for your buyers to get approved, invoiced, and pay.
Make Your Credit Program Drive Sales

Effortlessly offer terms to your business buyers without tying up capital and reinvest sales revenue quickly.

Apruve has allowed our customers the option of flexible payment terms with little negative impact to our cash flow’

Crazy Good Customer Experiences

Be the supplier customers love to buy from.

Offer modern, frictionless payments that meet the needs of your customers’ smallest or largets orders. No matter how your customers place orders, it can all be handled through our integrated omni-channel service.



Our mission is simple. We are changing the course of business by allowing companies, like you, to extend net terms to their business buyers without ever creating a receivable.