TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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The Apruve Global Credit Network

Customized Financed Trade Credit Programs

Customize Global Terms

Design a custom terms program with access to a worldwide network of lenders.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Improve the buying process for all your customers and increase the volume and frequency of customer purchases.

Accelerate Growth

Empower your business to successfully scale with speed, flexibility, predictable revenue, and reduced credit and A/R fixed costs.

Build the right customized financed trade credit program with the help of our global network of lenders.

Program options:





Global Ready

Customize your programs for specific markets and objectives.

  • Deployed in over 40 countries including the APAC region
  • Multi-lingual invoices, emails, and buyer portals
  • Localized invoicing
  • Multi-currency
  • Flexible currency control

Enterprise Ready

An API-first strategy to drive flexibility and customization.

  • Extensible across all enterprise systems (ERP, POS, eCommerce, EDI, and Button to the Integration page)
  • White label to your specification
  • Streamlined customer onboarding
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Grow Revenue By Joining Apruve's Global Credit Network

Join Apruve’s Global Credit Network. We are revolutionizing how businesses get paid and seek partners that help us accomplish this. If you specialize in B2B lending or payments, let’s start a conversation.