Getting Started with Apruve

Apruve works with each customer to create a custom credit program

Your Needs

To build the best credit program for your enterprise, we learn about how you sell and to whom. Then customize a program around your specific needs.

Information needed:

Build your custom credit program

Select Your financing options

Your payment specialist will walk through the financing options and help you choose the best option(s) for your company or per customer segment.


  • Financing based on the buyer’s creditworthiness
  • Mitigate risk
  • Approval rates vary


  • Financing based on the supplier’s creditworthiness
  • Can finance buyers on purchase history, without a credit applicaiton.
  • Higher approval rates

Partial Recourse

  •  Finance current buyers through recourse
  • New buyers approved through non-recourse
  • Mitigate the risk of new accounts


  • Finance buyers with your own capital
  • Manage credit approvals

Choose your terms

Terms can be chosen for your whole portfolio or specific to each individual buyer.

30 Day Net Terms
net 60 day terms
Net 90 day terms
End of month 15

Add your integration

A robust API that integrates into any platform. 

eCommerce integration image


Enterprise Resource Planning image


Point of Sale image

Point of Sale

Select your branding preference

White Label

Everything is branded under your name, including customer service.


Everything in your branding, but with a “powered by Apruve” message and Apruve customer service.


Actively show Apruve as a third party payment provider for your business.

Customize the dunning process

Customers can choose how their customers are talked to and through which channels. Expand beyond the typical communication of email by using direct mail, SMS messaging, and/or phone calls.

Add more payment options

Pre-Paid Programs

Automate pre-paid orders with a self-service  cloud-based portal.

Equipment Financing

Quick and easy buyer financing on large orders.


We work to ensure a successful launch of your program

Our implementation team provides technical support and custom integration development. We work with you to create a buyer marketing plan and provide customer service to buyers to ensure a smooth launch.

Ready to build your credit program?

Get in touch with a Payment Specialist today!