TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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The easiest way to buy on credit terms

Let your buyers get approve quickly, manage purchasing teams, and pay open invoices seamlessly online 

Easy & fast onboarding

Apruve makes offering net terms to your buyers as easy as accepting a credit card in over 40 countries.  Improve the customer experience with pre-approvals and approve new buyers with credit lines that can exceed one million dollars in as little as 3 minutes.

Simplify with a self-service portal

Give your customers the information they need at the touch of a button. Buyers can set up their purchasing team, set up auto-payments, and request credit limit increases easily through their online portal. Buyers can access their credit limit, open invoices, and order history in one location to better manage purchasing and payables.  

Improve credit efficiency and customer experience

 Apruve helps you streamline your trade credit and payment processes, allowing you to focus on your most valuable customers while improving the buyer experience for everyone. Automation helps speed up the credit and A/R process while improving accuracy for all buyers.


Fast Onboarding

Pre-qualify current buyers and onboard new customers in as little as 3 minutes.


Extend credit lines that can exceed $1 million.


Everything from credit applications to payments is online and automated.

Global payments


Offer net terms in the currency and language of your customers with flexible currency control.

credit management

Customer Credit Management

Customers can create purchasing teams, autopay, and track invoices  from the buyer portal.

Fraud Protection

Buyers are sent through multiple databases to mitigate fraudulent purchases.

Customer Experience FAQ

Apruve’s application changes depending on your business type (whether LLC, Incorporated, Sole Proprietor, or government entity). Anything outside of a sole proprietor will not require a SSN as we approve businesses on the corporate creditworthiness, not personal credit. 

Businesses will be able to pay via check, ACH, or wire from their Apruve login.

Apruve is 100% free for buyers using the net terms or prepaid options. A fee is only collected for Equipment financing.

Companies with known credit history can be approved in as little as 3 minutes. Those with less history may take up to 48 hours. Companies asking for credit lines exceeding $75,000 may require additional information.

Companies that have been in business for less than 18 months or have poor credit history may be declined. A customer success representative may reach out for additional information if initially declined.

Buyers can request an increase to their credit limit directly from their customer portal.

Start building an automated, financed credit program.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can reduce fixed credit & A/R costs and team effort by over 50%.