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A Fully Integrated B2B Credit Solution

From credit approval and invoice financing, to account set up and payment, Apruve manages your credit program so you can get back to doing business without the hassle of figuring out how you will get paid. Managing your business accounts has never been easier.

  • New and existing customers easily on-boarded
  • Set your own payment terms
  • Online and offline ordering
  • Get paid within 24 hours
  • We handle credit approval, invoicing and collections

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Business Credit Approval

Your customers fill out an online credit applica on branded for you. Apruve issues real- me credit approvals up to $50k or up to $1M in around 1-2 business days.

Invoice Financing

Apruve works with third-party banks to underwrite your business accounts and finance all invoices created on terms. Your customer gets to pay later, but we pay you within 24 hours.

Easy Management Tools

Your Apruve dashboard makes it easy for you to see how and when your customers pay their bills, monitor cash received from generated invoices, issue returns, manage and communicate with customers, and more.

Integrated with Many Platforms

Adding Apruve to your website takes only a few minutes. Your customers get a one-click, no-pay checkout to reduce the typical purchasing friction associated with buying on terms.


Apruve is fully-integrated with these platforms and many others.

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