TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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Driving Growth in the Electronics Industry

Focus on higher value-driving activities while driving greater cash flow predictability, and improving operational efficiency with trade credit and A/R automation.

Extend the Value of Supply Chain Automation Past the Point of Sale

The Consumer Electronics industry has created many of the world’s highest-performing, dynamic, and most profitable businesses through continuous process improvement powered by best-in-class technologies. However intensifying competition combined with shrinking product life cycles and long component lead times, has created a need to innovate processes too.

The use of intelligent supply chain automation has given industry leaders the speed, agility, and efficiency to compete successfully and profitably. It is now time to optimize the final and most important step in your revenue lifecycle; trade credit and A/R.

Companies adopting B2B direct-to-customer strategies where order volume and frequency place increasing demands on  resources.  How you prioritize and focus your trade credit efforts become the critical element in your ability to compete successfully. Trade credit and A/R automation become your competitive advantage. 

Apruve empowers you in two critical ways; streamlining your cash management and allowing you to optimize your teams’ time.

electronic factory

Reduce fixed credit & A/R costs and team resources by over 50%.

Whether it is a $500,000 order or a $500 order, every invoice demands the same amount of time and effort to process. Apruve helps you to grow and increase efficiency by streamlining your credit, invoicing, and payment processes. Plus your DSO is decreased to one day. 

Offer customizable global terms

Gain access to a worldwide network of lenders to develop and deploy optimal terms programs customized to the needs of your customers and markets.  

Improve customer experience without adding headcount

Extend optimal terms for new and existing customers quickly and easily, and increase direct sales, international markets, and customers without adding credit and A/R headcount. Apruve allows you to focus on your most valuable customers while improving the buyer experience for everyone.