2021 is going to be a big year for solar.
Are you ready to grow profitably?

Drive higher profitability, greater revenue predictability and improve operational efficiency with intelligent credit and payment automation.

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Achieving Profitable Growth

The future looks bright for the Solar industry, with total installed U.S. PV capacity expected to more than double over the next five years. Now more than ever, solar distributors, installers and EPC’s are realizing successful cash flow management is one of the most important driving factors for profitable growth.

Growth Brings Risk

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Traditional terms programs can result in high DSO, increase doubtful accounts and work to constrain the buying potential of customers.

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Cash flows are tied up through project milestones and commissioning putting a drag on working capital and increasing their credit risk.

The Result:
Lost sales, lost revenue & sub-optimal cash management

Customized Credit & Payment Programs Tailor Fit for the Solar PV Marketplace

Apruve has developed customized terms programs built specifically for the needs of Solar PV Distributors, Installers and EPCs. Apruve’s Credit & Payment platform can reduce your DSO to 1 day while simultaneously help both you and your customers grow their business more effectively together.


  • Fully automated pay to procure process from credit approvals to collections
  • Fast onboarding process; buyers can be approved in as little as 3 minutes
  • Zero interest fees for installers that pay their open invoice in the first 30 days
  • Extended payments up to 6 months; interest rate based on installer’s credit profile
  • Receive full invoice payment at a time of your choosing
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Global Customization

Customizable Global Terms Programs

Gain access to a worldwide network of lenders to develop and deploy optimal terms programs customized to each of your markets.

Accelerate payments

Accelerate Profitable Growth

Empower your business to successfully expand and scale profitability with speed, flexibility, and efficiency across all of your customers and markets.

Customer Experience Growth

Enhance the Customer Experience

Help improve your customer’s cash on hand burden, allowing them to grow and making it easier to do more business with you .

Grow profitably with long tail automation

Apruve global credit network

Develop optimal credit programs with a worldwide network of lenders.

  • Design a custom terms program with access to a worldwide network of lenders.
  • Improve the buying process for all your customers with intelligent automation.
  • Accelerate growth with speed, flexibility, and efficiency and predictable revenue across all of your customers and markets.

Apruve Payment Platform

Deploy an end-to-end global payment platform to optimize & automate transactions.

  • Automate the pay to procure process from credit approvals to collections, optimize credit and payments for long-tail customers.
  • Streamline the buyer experience with quick credit approvals and a portal to view invoices, set up purchasing teams, and multiple payment options.
  • Increase Revenue Predictability with all invoices paid in one day.
Grow Profits


Gain access to a global network of underwriters and program types.


Terms programs designed for the needs of your business and customers.


Extend optimal terms for new and existing customers quickly and easily.

Transform your long tail credit and payment processes to grow profitably.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can deliver the speed, flexibility, and efficiency to fuel your growth.