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Quick & Easy Equipment Financing

Promote big orders by approving buyers for financing in less than a day through an online application.

Financial Growth

Increase Sales

Increase your bottom line by making it easier and safer for your customers to buy with large order financing.

Equipment Financing That Runs Itself

Digitally transform your equipment financing program by automating invoicing, collections, and payments.

Increased cash flow

Extend payments for buyers, get paid next day

Buyers can extend payments up to 36 months, but suppliers collect in 24 hours. With Equipment financing, businesses can increase their customer’s buying power without affecting cash flow.

Suppliers are paid within 24 hours of purchase agreement.

Everything from payment notifications to the online portal in your branding.

The program finances buyers, mitigating supplier risk of non-payment

Buyers approved in less than 2 hours for up to $150,000.

Buyers can choose the terms they prefer: 12, 24, or 36 months.

Automate your equipment financing program using your current technology stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the equipment financing process take?
Requests for up to $150,000 will be approved within two hours after completing a credit application. Requests over $150,000 may take longer to process

How are buyer interest rates determined?
Buyer interest rates are based on credit history, time in business, equipment cost, lease term and structure.

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