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How do Large Enterprises Benefit from Trade Credit Automation?

Through Apruve, large enterprises benefit from trade credit automation which decreases days sales outstanding (DSO) to one day and improves the customer experience.  As a result, extending credit with net terms is similar to simply providing a Buy Now, Pay Later option upon creation of a PO.

Traditionally, the process for offering trade credit is labor-intensive and paper-based. With trade credit automation, enterprises improve visibility into cash flow, reduce errors in data processing, and improve efficiency. 

How is this possible? With Apruve, large enterprises are able to automate: 

  • Underwriting
  • Decisioning
  • Extending terms
  • Receivables

On the other side of the equation, business buyers are more likely to purchase more often and with higher order volume when net terms are easily available.  


Trade Credit on Autopilot

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