How does A/R automation reduce payment delays?

93% of organizations struggle with late payments from customers that can cascade into debt write-offs. To avoid debts, businesses focus on minimizing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), which measures the average time to collect payments from customers. According to a Pymts survey, when businesses switched to using accounts receivable automation after relying on manual processes, DSO decreased from 47 days to 40 days. 

Automation reduces payment delays and therefore potential debt by enabling:

  • Timely distribution of customer invoices 
  • Issuance of accurate invoices to avoid payment delays and disputes
  • Automatic posting of customer payments, making it easier to track whether accounts are up-to-date or require payment reminders
  • Integration with payment platforms for easier and convenient payments
  • Insights to improve A/R policies and avoid extending credit to customers likely to default


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