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How Many Businesses in the US have Trade Credit Insurance?

Over $3 trillion of receivables globally and more than $600 billion of business-to-business transactions in the US have trade credit insurance annually.  While over 60% of trade credit insurance customers are small to medium-sized companies, trade credit insurance is also widely used by large or multinational companies.

Trade credit insurance protects your company against losses arising from customer inability to pay. 

By insuring your accounts receivables associated with extending credit, you reduce the risk of nonpayment, allowing your company to expand into new markets and acquire new customers.

Trade credit insurance mitigates risks of extending net terms, and Apruve can enable your business to offer risk-free credit to customers globally and still get paid in a day.How many businesses in the US have trade credit insurance? Find out why businesses are using trade credit insurance to protect their accounts receivable here.


Trade Credit on Autopilot

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