How to Automate Accounts Receivable?

You can automate Accounts Receivable processes effectively by choosing an A/R automation platform that increases your efficiency. Eliminate manual A/R processes with the following tips:

  • Determine specific goals for A/R automation.
  • Designate a team with varied backgrounds to take charge of the transition. 
  • Encourage collaboration across the organization and understand how automation affects different functions or departments. 
  • Allow your team to experiment with different A/R automation tools. 

What to Look for in A/R Automation Software

Using the right A/R automation software is vital for the success of an automation project. Ask yourself these questions to help you find the right A/R automation tool:

  • How does the tool handle buyer onboarding?
  • Does it include automated credit checking?
  • What can customers do from the buyer portal?
  • Can you and your customers view open invoices and access their purchase history?
  • Is there an option to autopay or connect payment information?
  • Does the tool allow you to automatically issue invoices and reconcile data electronically?
  • Does your A/R management tool make it convenient to manage accounts when extending trade credit or net terms?

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