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When Should Trade Credit Be Used?

As a customer, you can use trade credit to access interest-free financing when you purchase goods or services from your vendors. Trade credit allows buyers to buy goods without paying up front, and sellers can attract more customers.

Here are common scenarios when trade credit should be used.  

  • Delay payments for buyers – Buyers that need financing can use trade credit to fund purchases. Trade credit helps buyers avoid late payments and the resulting penalties, interest, stricter payment terms, and relationship damage
  • Attract customers for sellers – Sellers that can provide trade credit boost customer loyalty and retention. 
  • Increase order volumes – Sellers may be limited by financing constraints when they extend net terms. Trade credit improves a seller’s ability to offer terms.
  • Avoid cash flow issues – Offering trade credit impacts company cash flows when sellers don’t have financing. B2B sellers can turn to trade credit automation from Apruve to offer trade credit with ease and still get paid in a day. 


Trade Credit on Autopilot

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