More Cash on Hand

Maximize working capital and immediately reinvest sales revenue.

Increased cash flow

Increase Working Capital

Collect payment on invoices in 24 hours. Lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), eliminate Days Beyond Terms (DBT), and skyrocket working capital.

Improve cash flow forecasting

Get paid on all invoices.  Eliminate late payments and better predict your business’s cash flow.

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Mitigate Financial Risk

In a non-recourse program, businesses can eliminate the possibility of bad debt and protect themselves from fraud.

Buyers are sent through multiple databases to mitigate fraudulent purchases.

Companies can recognize up to 30% savings on labor and A/R expenses.

Extend Credit limits that can exceed one million dollars.

Grow new accounts without needing additional overhead.

Choose from recourse, non-recourse, partial recourse, or self-financed.

Automate your credit program from your current technology stack.

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What does your credit program cost you?


We break down the costs involved with managing credit programs and A/R, see how extending payment terms commonly costs businesses more than 3% of sales revenue. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the return on investment?
Companies that implement Apruve see dramatic improvement in working capital and employee productivity, while instantaneously reducing Accounts Receivable expenses. Furthermore, companies can continue to grow accounts and revenue without adding overhead or risk. 

What’s required to get financed?
Apruve requires new suppliers to go through a “Know Your Customer (KYC)” process. Typical required documents are income statements, A/R aging reports, and other financial documents depending on the underwriter.

How does Apruve interact with current credit or A/R staff?
Apruve partners with Credit and A/R teams by offering them full transparency into new accounts and orders. Businesses can choose how the dunning and collections process is conducted, automated through Apruve or have it remain internal.


How are buyers communicated with?
We allow suppliers to fully customize the buyer experience by choosing the language, frequency, and communication channel of the dunning process. Businesses can execute completely custom emails, direct mail, automated calling, and/or texting.

Where is Apruve available?
Our platform is currently available in the United States, Canada, EU, and U.K. With our flexible API we are able to partner with multiple lenders in different nations to meet your business needs.

What financing options are available?
Recourse, non-recourse, partial recourse, and self-finance options are available.

What terms are available?
Companies can use Apruve for net 30,60,90 or End of Month 15. For Equipment Financing, companies can extend payment to 12 ,24, or 36 months. Apruve also offers Prepaid order management.


"Apruve has allowed our customers the option of flexible payment terms with little negative impact to our cash flow.”



Director of Operations, Radioparts

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