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Apruve's Credit Program

We create a custom credit program around your business

Taking into consideration your geography, buyer base, and company goals.


How Orders Are Processed

You receive an order

Through any order management software.

You get paid in 24 hours

Funds will be deposited into your bank account the next day. 

We invoice your buyers

All communications are branded to your preference.

Your buyer pays Apruve

Customers choose their preferred payment method in their buyer portal.

Credit Approval Process


Current buyers with purchase history can be prequalified without a credit application. New customers apply through the online credit application and are approved in as little as 3 min.



Buyers will be notified that they are approved and provided a credit limit. Using the buyer portal, buyers can set up a purchasing team, create autopay, and connect payment information.


Businesses can use their credit limit immediately and track all their open invoices and purchase history from their buyer portal.




Financing options

In a non-recourse program, each individual buyer is approved and given a line of credit based on their creditworthiness. This process eliminates the financial risk from the supplier, but typically requires more information from businesses applying for a corporate account.



In a recourse program, buyers are given a line of credit based on their purchase history with the supplier. This type of financing allows for a higher approval rating, but does not mitigate risk. Buyers can be given a credit limit without filling out a credit application.

This hybrid approach allows businesses to finance their most trusted buyers at a lower rate, while mitigating risk from their new or riskiest buyers. 

Offer an application free onboarding process to your preferred clientele by financing them through a recourse program. New or risky buyers apply through a credit application for a non-recourse program that mitigates financial risks.

This program uses the best of both financing methods to actively decrease risk and financing fees.

Through self-financing, you will be paid when the customer pays like a normal credit program, but Apruve will help with risk analysis, collections automation, and account management. Suppliers are able to create logic around approvals and credit limits as well.

A Credit Solution that Benefits Your Entire Company

Credit & A/R
Automate mundane tasks to focus on more productive activities.

Increase financial visibility, forecasting, and working capital at once.

Sales & Marketing
Optimize the customer experience and speed up the sales cycle.

Improve the experience by offering credit from your payment gateway.

Business Buyers
Given full visibility into their credit line, open invoices, and history.

Standard features

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital payment option
  • Buyer purchasing teams
  • Buyer order metrics & reporting
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Online credit limit increase request
  • Lockbox for checks
  • Online credit approval
  • Cash app and automatic invoice closure
  • Autopay when invoices are due
  • Text Message Payment Reminders
  • Direct Mail invoices

A robust API that integrates into any platform. 



Point of Sale

Ready to empower your credit program?

Connect with our Payment Specialists to learn more!