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Improve process efficiency with long-tail credit & A/R automation

Transform the way you manage credit, invoicing, payments, and collections. 

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Build the right credit solutions customized to the needs of your markets, customers, and goals.

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Recourse, Non-Recourse or Partial Recourse

Select the financing option for your enterprise’s goals. 
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Implement a flexible and highly efficient global credit and payment platform.


Pay Over Time

Approve buyers terms up to 36 months, but collect in payment 24 hours.

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Pre-Paid or Self-Finance

Simplify retainers, or risk mitigation program with automated pre-paid orders or self-finance customers.

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Global Ready

Customize and automate your programs for specific markets and objectives. 

  • Deployed in over 40 countries
  • Multi-lingual invoices, emails, and buyer portals
  • Localized invoicing
  • Multi-currency
  • Flexible currency control 

Enterprise Ready

An API-first strategy to drive flexibility and customization.

  • Extensible across all enterprise systems
    • ERP
    • POS
    • eCommerce
    • EDI
  • White label to your specification
  • Streamlined customer onboarding
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Empower Your Long Tail

Standardize and accelerate  transactional activities to improve the customer experience.

Fast customer onboarding

Buyer Onboarding

Onboard 1000s of existing buyers at once and underwrite new buyers in as little as 3 minutes online.

customer credit management

Customer Credit Management

Customers can create purchasing teams, autopay, and connect payment information for credit limits that can exceed $1 million.

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Automated Payments

Extend credit limit immediately and enable tracking of all open invoices and purchase history from the buyer portal.

Improve Efficiency Across All Customers

Focus your teams on the highest value driving activities and drive more return from all your customers by utilizing long-tail credit & A/R automation.

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Streamlined Credit & Payments

Easy as accepting a credit card. Automate the dunning process with a fully customizable credit solution. Buyers pass through multiple databases to mitigate fraud.

integrated receivables

Integrated Receivables

Receive payments within 24 hours of invoicing. Payments are matched to invoices and closed without manual steps.
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Guaranteed Payment

Get paid on all invoices; reduce DSO to one day. Reduce time and effort needed to chase down payments, and better predict your business’s cash flow.

Standard Features

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital payment option
  • Buyer purchasing teams
  • Buyer order metrics & reporting
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Online credit limit increase request
  • Lockbox for checks
  • Online credit approval
  • Cash app and automatic invoice closure
  • Autopay when invoices are due
  • Text Message Payment Reminders
  • Online Buyer Portal

CASE STUDY: Intelligent Long-Tail Automation for Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Find out how a global 500 semiconductor manufacturer expanded their global direct sales channels with an optimized payment and account receivable strategy.

Case Study Cover

Transform your long tail credit and payment processes to grow profitably.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can deliver the speed, flexibility, and efficiency to fuel your growth.