Intelligent Payment Automation for the Global B2B Enterprise

A global network of lenders to fit your needs combined with automated end-to-end credit and A/R process optimization.

How it work gears

Improve process efficiency with long-tail automation

Apruve global credit network works with the payment platform to automate credit, payments, and A/R

Develop optimal credit programs
with a worldwide network of lenders.

Apruve global credit network
  • Design a custom terms program with access to a worldwide network of lenders.
  • Improve the buying process for all your customers with intelligent automation.
  • Accelerate growth with speed, flexibility, and efficiency and predictable revenue across all of your customers and markets.

Deploy an end-to-end global payment platform to optimize & automate long-tail transactions.

Apruve Payment Platform
  • Automate the procure-to-pay process from credit approvals to collections, optimize credit and payments for long-tail customers.
  • Streamline the buyer experience with quick credit approvals and a portal to view invoices, set up purchasing teams, and multiple payment options.
  • Increase Revenue Predictability with all invoices paid in one day.

Reduce time spent on credit & A/R by over 50%.

Every customer is important, but not all customers are the same. Whether it is a $500,000 order or a $5,000 order, every invoice demands the same amount of time and effort to process.

Successful businesses find ways to work smarter. Learn how business process automation can guarantee next day payment, improve process efficiency, and transform your team’s focus to value generation.

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Transform your long-tail credit and A/R processes to grow profitably.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can deliver the speed, flexibility, and efficiency to fuel your growth.