Xero Integration
The Buyer’s Experience


In order for a buyer to make a purchase, you will need to place the order for them through Xero. Once you submit that order, your customer will receive an order estimate via email. In the email, they will have a choice to approve the order or deny. If they approve the order, it will get applied to their Apruve account.

Buyer views an Invoice and pays with Apruve

Screenshot of Xero Invoice

The buyer clicks on the “Pay on Terms with Apruve”

Login to pay with Apruve

Screenshot of Apruve Checkout Login

The user is directed to a modal window and logs in with their Apruve credentials.

Confirm your Purchase

Screenshot of Apruve Purchase Confirmation

User is presented with details of their available credit limit and the purchase total. Buyer selects “Confirm” to confirm the purchase and pay using their business line of credit.

Invoice is marked as Paid

Screenshot of Paid Invoice in Xero

The user is directed back to the Xero invoice and its status is marked “Paid.”

Buyer is sent an Apruve Invoice on Terms

Screenshot of an Apruve Invoice

Xero Integration