Online Integrations

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Magento is an eCommerce giant that typically is used for consumer online stores. When Magento integrates with the Apruve extension, it has the potential to become a B2B powerhouse that meets the needs of operational requirements such as, order complexity and payment preferences.
Shopify is one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms. Its ease of use in creating online stores, installing Shopify apps, custom prices, and adding a product have made it an all star for small businesses targeting consumers. Apruve’s integration allows this easy to use consumer focused platform to cater more toward the B2B (business to business) audience by creating a payment portal that accepts and automates a line of credit perfect for a manufacturing, distribution or wholesale store.
The Oro open source ecommerce platform is built specifically for selling online in the B2B marketplace. The flexibility to service any business workflow is top notch; from a self-service model where almost no interaction is needed to a hands-on model that allows the buyer and seller to continue their working relationship.

The BigCommerce product offers a scalable ecommerce platform for small businesses as well as enterprise size brands. Their open APIs and easy to design templates offer companies with a wide range of design options, functionality and app integrations to feature their online store in the best possible way.

BigCommerce is a popular choice for many Business to Business Stores and can be integrated with Apruve Credit Management to generate more sales and reduce costs.

IBM Commerce
IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Enterprise is an omni-channel eCommerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers across channels—web, mobile, social, call center or store. With Apruve you can tie all channels together using corporate accounts.
OrderCloud's open source eCommerce platform allows customers to quickly use the best of breed approach to solving the complexity of today's B2B buying behavior. Open source allows companies to completely morph the platform to fit the needs of their customers. To solve the need of purchasing on terms, OrderCloud has partnered with Apruve.
CIMM2 by Unilog Corporation has taken the B2B eCommerce market by storm with their ease and speed of implementation. Their B2B focused online store offers a great ability to maximize product descriptions, search and seo rank making them one of the most prevalent B2B eCommerce platform on the market.
3D Cart
The 3Dcart platform is a great solution for those businesses that want to get started quickly. 3Dcart offerings are abundant; built with it’s own CRM, email feature and social integrations to skip the process of a long implementation, it’s an easy set-up. Although this design is typically focused towards consumer selling, Apruve’s integration turns this consumer site into a B2B powerhouse.
Integrate Apruve to your Quickbooks accounts to eliminate receivables and maximize cash flow.
WooCommerce is a sophisticated plugin to WordPress. Its ability to quickly create a clean design has caught the eye of many consumer sites along with B2B companies looking to implement an online sales presence efficiently. With Apruve, WooCommerce can become a powerful B2B sales engine along with the quick and clean looking site intended.
Spark pay by Capital One combines an easy to design eCommerce platform with the functionality to accept payments from multiple devices across a typically B2C arena. Apruve moves these B2C buying preferences into a powerful B2B online store.
Offline Integrations

Managing customer orders that get entered into your ERP

Apruve’s credit program extends beyond eCommerce, enabling suppliers to have a fully managed credit program for their customers who order by phone, fax or email.


Apruve’s API ties directly into your order management system, validating buyer identity and credit limit before processing the order and managing the invoice with our bank for funding.
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We integrated with a number of common ERP and order management systems including Netsuite, Quickbooks, Profit 21, Traverse and more.

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