The 3Dcart platform is a great solution for those businesses that want to get started quickly. 3Dcart offerings are abundant; built with it’s own CRM, email feature and social integrations to skip the process of a long implementation, it’s an easy set-up. Although this design is typically focused towards consumer selling, Apruve’s integration turns this consumer site into a B2B powerhouse.

How Apruve’s credit network works

For years businesses have been buying from other businesses on an extended line of credit, buy now and pay later. It has been a proven sales tool to increase repeat purchases, loyalty and order size. Although selling on account comes with one large flaw, you do not get paid for your product and services right away. This process makes the seller a bank for their customers by making it difficult to project cash flow, unable to reinvest immediately, and high amounts of worker hours are spent managing it.

Apruve set out to change the notion of having to act as a bank for your customers. We tie together your business with third party banks to finance extended lines of credit to your customers. When you sell a part or service through 3Dcart, Apruve will pay you 24 hours after shipment.

Apruve then manages the collections, and account management for your customers, eliminating 40% of your current AR costs. With Apruve’s credit network, you can stop being a bank for your customers and can extend credit with minimal risk and work. Now extending credit is as easy as accepting a credit card.

Your Customer’s Experience

Extending credit used to be a tedious process for both the supplier and buyer. It typically meant using a fax machine for invoices and POs, long forms, and crunching numbers to calculate creditworthiness. Those days are far behind us.

Today your customers can apply and pay with credit quick and easy right through your 3Dcart payment portal. Once the customer goes to their cart they will notice “Pay with Apruve” in the same location that they would see credit cards.

Once the buyer selects Apruve, they will be prompted to login to their account. If they do not have an Apruve account they can obtain one along with their credit limit in as little as 60 seconds. Once they have confirmed the order, they will be emailed by Apruve with the invoice and a reminder to login to their Apruve portal to make a payment.

From their portal, buyers will have no problem managing their orders and are given the ability to make electronic and ACH payments through their dashboard.

Do you take offline orders?

3Dcart has a Point of Sale (POS) system that Apruve can plug into. As long as your sales team or customer service team manually enters the order data, you can take offline orders. Once the order is placed, the customer will be able to confirm the order via email.

Apruve also offers the ability to plug into other offline programs, such as; ERPs, Account Software, or Order Management Systems.

Why Offer Terms with Apruve?

Typically when consumers think about buying online they believe that credit cards are the main form of payment. It is not that way for B2B purchasing. Over 40% of B2B transactions happen on account. If your website does not offer the ability to pay for its product through a line of credit, you could be minimizing your onboarding efforts with your current customers while also pushing away prospects. Apruve helps give your customers what they want by allowing them to buy now, but pay later.

Not only does Apruve increase onboarding, it increases AOV (average order size), order frequency and loyalty. When businesses buy on credit, they are more willing to make larger purchases. Since the line of credit offered is not accepted at any other company, customers become more loyal to your brand.

Looking to implement?

If you have not implemented yet, do not panic. 3Dcart helps you create a online store quickly, but do not put this project on the back burner. B2B eCommerce is growing twice as fast as B2C, and millennials prefer to shop online over traditional buying behavior. What does this mean? If your company does not implement an online store soon, most likely your competition will cause you to get passed up.

Luckily for you, we have partnered with numerous marketing, implementation, and ecommerce agencies to help with the launch of an ROI making machine. Feel free to contact us now to learn more.

How to install?

Our software’s open API can plug in with minimal development work. We are happy to supply this on our end, please contact us to get started. During the installation, we will also send businesses through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to make the banks comfortable with financing your lines of extended credit.

Once you complete the KYC process, your business will be assigned an account manager to support you through the customer onboarding process and any questions you have throughout your install, onboarding and continued success.