AmeriCommerce by Capital One combines an easy to design eCommerce platform with the functionality to accept payments from multiple devices across a typically B2C arena. Apruve moves these B2C buying preferences into a powerful B2B online store.

How Apruve’s credit network works

Apruve ties banks, buyers, and suppliers together to make one efficient and quick B2B buying experience. Apruve facilitates the experience for customers who wish to pay on credit. This is done by supplying them with a credit limit and payment terms to purchase on in real time.

Once the buyer purchases on credit through AmeriCommerce, the seller will receive payment from the bank in 24 hours from when the product shipped. All collections and financial risk after purchase is the responsibility of Apruve.

Why Extend Terms on AmeriCommerce?

Over 40% of global B2B transactions are executed through a line of credit. Allowing customers to buy now and pay later has been proven to increase buying frequency, as well as order volume.

Commonly extending terms has led to manual processes, delay of payment and financial risk.

Until now.

Apruve integrated with AmeriCommerce allows your customer real time credit approval and the ability to buy on payment terms without the financial risk or cash flow concerns.

The Customer Experience

Eliminate your clients issue of filling out a paper credit application or waiting days for credit approval. Apruve uses the latest technology to streamline a customer’s experience.

New users are asked to create an account using a quick online credit form. Once the form is completed, your client will be given their credit limit and payment terms, and are immediately allowed to finish their purchase.

After the order completion, buyers will be sent a confirmation of their purchase. Customers can manage payments, bills and their purchasing team from one secure online portal.

Do you take offline orders?

Apruve’s open and robust API plugs into a variety of platforms. Whether you manually enter them in through AmeriCommerce or a separate order management software, Apruve’s able to finance orders from phone, email, or fax.

How to install?

A financial consultation to verify a business’s creditworthiness is needed before integrating our software. Once this phase is complete, our team will help integrate our platform to your AmeriCommerce Account.

After all technical testing is finished, we will provide you with marketing materials and customer service to promote an efficient and care-free onboarding experience for your clients.