The BigCommerce product offers a scalable ecommerce platform for small businesses as well as enterprise size brands. Their open APIs and easy to design templates offer companies with a wide range of design options, functionality and app integrations to feature their online store in the best possible way.

BigCommerce is a popular choice for many Business to Business Stores and can be integrated with Apruve Credit Management to generate more sales and reduce costs.

How Apruve’s Credit Network Works

The credit process is not new. Businesses have used extending credit as a sure way to increase sales and customer retention. Apruve automates the accounts receivable process to eliminate the risk and free up the cash flow for your organization.

Here’s how it works, our cloud platform links your company, third party banks and your customers to offer a very unique cloud-based platform. Customers that purchase from your site can checkout using Apruve as the form of payment. Those customers that do not have an Apruve account, can quickly apply for one in 60 seconds. Once the products are shipped, the bank pays the supplier within 24 hours and your customer pays the bank within the their given net terms.

Your customers pay on net terms, while you get paid quicker without the chance of late payments or payment defaults.

Your Customer’s Experience

The Apruve customer experience is one similar to Paypal. When a customer checks out with Apruve they are prompted to login to their Apruve account to confirm the order. If they do not have an Apruve account, they can set one up and be approved with a credit limit in under 60 seconds.

Once the widget(s) are ordered, it is confirmed through their account. Apruve also emails the customer to verify the purchase and explain their payment terms. All their purchases can be tracked through the online buyer dashboard. The buyer can also submit electronic payments within their interface.

With Apruve, buyers can see what they bought, when a payment is due and manage a team of buyers all within one simple interface.

Why offer terms?

Commonly when business start selling with an eCommerce platform there is a belief that it is done through the use of credit cards. For consumer websites that is often the case, although businesses buy very differently from consumers. Business prefer to buy now and pay later to allow them to keep an eye on their net working capital.

Allowing your BigCommerce customers to pay on terms drastically increases sales due to added convenience for your buyer as well as increases customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Main Features

Extending credit to your customers takes a lot of time and risk. Managing your large customers can take just as much time to manage as your small customers. This leads to an account management nightmare, the more customers you get, the more work and the higher chance you have of being exposed to late payments or defaults.

With Apruve, all of your accounts are automated. Allowing you to not worry about the risks of extending credit while at the same time allowing your company to grow with its larger client base with ease. Customers that use Apruve greatly lower costs of their Accounts Receivable department and greatly increase their sales while boosting their net working capital.

Apruve is revolutionizing the way businesses buy from each other. Apruve makes extending a revolving line of credit as easy and risk free as accepting a credit card.

Have you not implemented?

If you have not implemented yet, now is the perfect time to launch your BigCommerce site. With the B2B eCommerce market growing twice as fast as B2C, there is an obvious demand from buyers looking for a more convenient way to make purchases and find shops. Not launching an online store now could mean that your organization may get passed up by your competition.

To better increase the chances of a successful website, partner with Apruve. We can help you create a custom website your customers love with the help of our implementation partners. Creating a business to business website is not a simple task but we are happy to help with our experience and insight.

How to install?

Integrating Apruve with your BigCommerce store is a breeze. Before downloading our software, please contact us. We will send you through a brief KYC (Know Your Customer) process to make sure that there are no issues with offering your organization financing. Once we make it past this process, we will plugin the application to your site as well as create a landing page to help your customers understand how Apruve works. Your account manager will also help you with a successful implementation and marketing to eliminate any possible negative customer onboarding experiences.