Insite Software Integration


The InsiteCommerce platform was built to be scalable, with deep integration capabilities to ensure ERP, CRM, PIM, and other critical third-party system data and rules are reflected within the eCommerce website. These integrations unify your online and offline channels.

How Apruve’s Credit Network works

Apruve ties together the latest technology with banks to make extending credit to business customers as simple as possible. Apruve’s credit network looks into the history of your business clients and provides them with real-time credit limits to buy against. Once a purchase is made, our partnering banks finance the amount within 24 hours. All the collections and risk become the responsibility of Apruve, which makes extending credit as simple as accepting a credit card.

Why extend credit on InsiteCommerce

Over 40% of b2b transactions worldwide processed through an extended line of credit. Sadly, extending credit to business customers has commonly been a time consuming and manual process involving credit analysis, paperwork, and labor hours.

Apruve’s integration brings banks and the latest technology together to not only make this process easier for your customers but also to pay suppliers within 24 hours of shipment. Adding Apruve to your InsiteCommerce platform encourages growth in purchase frequency and Average Order Volume (AOV) for your business customers.

The Customer Experience

Say goodbye to PDFs and fax machines. The customer experience for your buyers with Apruve remains online. New customers will be asked to fill out an online form to answer some specific business questions that help Apruve verify their creditworthiness. Once they are approved, which only takes a matter of moments, they will be given a credit limit to purchase against.

At checkout, existing customers just click on the “Pay with Apruve” button and quickly offer their credentials to verify their corporate account. Once logged in, they can complete the purchase.

After the purchase is completed the customer will receive an email confirmation. They will also have periodic reminder emails to pay their bill, through the online portal, as the due date approaches. Their online portal also shows purchasing history, upcoming bills and allows them to manage their corporate purchasing team.

Do you take offline orders?

Apruve’s open API can plug into the vast majority of order management systems. Whether the order is placed by phone, email or fax, your organization can enter those orders offline with your Apruve account.

How to install?

Due to the custom nature of InsiteCommerce software, some tweaks may be needed to integrate your online store. Please contact us directly to help with integration development.

Once the financial and technical processes are complete, our team will supply you with the marketing materials needed to guide you and your customers through an efficient and knowledgeable onboarding experience.