CIMM2 by Unilog Corporation has taken the B2B eCommerce market by storm with their ease and speed of implementation. Their B2B focused online store offers a great ability to maximize product descriptions, search and seo rank making them one of the most prevalent B2B eCommerce platform on the market.

How Apruve’s credit network works

Online eCommerce has commonly been associated with credit card transactions. Sadly this is only the preferred method to consume online purchasing. In Business to business transaction, buyers prefer to buy now and pay later. Sadly this process has been labor intensive and full of risk for the supplier while also slowing down their cash flow. Apruve saw this injustice and created a credit network to solve it.

The credit network is an automated payment platform that brings together banks, suppliers and business buyers to create a money backed buying network. Once the customer makes a purchase through your CIMM2 platform they select to purchase with Apruve. Within 24 hours of shipment, the bank pays you in 24 hours and then manages all the invoicing and collection from your customer.

Through the credit network, suppliers do not need to worry about when money comes in, managing accounts or default payments. Every purchase is paid without financial risk.

Why Extend Terms on CIMM2 with Apruve

Extending credit has been commonly used as a tactic to increase sales. When people have the ability to buy now and pay later it opens the door for buyers to get more than they typically would. This increases a supplier’s amount of repeat purchases from their customers and drastically improves AOV (Average Order Volume).

On top of increasing sales, it also helps improve customer loyalty and customer retention. By offering your customers a line of extended credit you have allowed them to us a form of payment that they can not use at your competitors. This keeps them from buying from you.

The Customer Experience

Typically paying with credit involves a lengthy credit check, forms and emails going back and forth. Not with Apruve. Apruve has automated this process to make an integrated and quick process of checking out with credit and getting approved.

Once your customer is ready for check out, they select the option to ‘Pay with Apruve’. From there, they will be prompted to either login to their account or create a new one that usually only take 60 seconds.

Once they login to our application they can confirm the order and process the purchase. The buyer will be notified later with an invoice of the order as well as reminders to login to their portal to manage their payments or submit payments towards their open invoices.

Do you take Offline Orders?

No problem. Although offline orders can not be done through CIMM2 they can be easily handled through your ERP or order management software. Apruve offers a flexible API that can be easily configured to grab data from the software of your choice to take orders via phone, email or fax.

Have you not implemented yet?

We are happy to help! With B2B eCommerce growing twice as fast as B2C, now is the time to get your catalog online to increase sales and boost profit margins.

While your main way of accepting orders may be offline ordering, millennial buyers are starting to shift the market. 75% of customers prefer online buying, while only 25% of B2B companies offer online payment as their preferred choice (Forrester).

Apruve has partnered with many different online platforms and eCommerce agencies to help you launch an online store that is customized to meet your customer and internal needs. To get your ecommerce site up and running in the most efficient and successful way write to us.

How to install?

Our integration is tested on a typical CIMM2 platform and might need some slight changes to make it work for your store. Contact us through the form on this page and we will help you with the integration. On top of that, we will enter you into our KYC (know your customer) process to get your lines of credit backed by third party banks. After we have the application tested and banks in order, customers are supplied with an account manager to help with any marketing questions, support and help through the customer on-boarding experience.