IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Enterprise is an omni-channel eCommerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers across channels—web, mobile, social, call center or store. With Apruve you can tie all channels together using corporate accounts.

How Apruve’s credit network works

Apruve finances purchases between you and your buyers. When a purchase is made on payment terms, Apruve pays the seller within 24 hours of when the product ships. The buyer can then pay Apruve through their online portal when the payment deadline approaches.

With Apruve, sellers do not have to worry about when payments come in, or the financial risk associated with extending credit.

Why extend credit on IBM® WebSphere® Commerce?

Buying on a line of credit is the preferred payment form in business to business purchasing. To meet your customer needs as well as be more attractive to new buyers, extending credit is an absolute must.

Customers that buy on credit also tend to spend more per purchase and order more frequently, increasing your business’s customer lifetime value (CLV).

The Customer Experience

Apruve plugs into your payment portal for a seamless buying process for your clients. Buyers can choose to pay with credit during checkout. Paying with Apruve will pop up a module asking for the business’s credentials (username and email). For new customers, an account can be created at this time by filling out bank and business information. In real time, new customers will receive their credit limit and payment terms and can complete their purchase.

Once the order has been placed, buyers will be emailed to verify their purchase. At any time, a customer may log into their portal to view upcoming due dates, purchase history, and manage purchasing teams.

Once a checkout is complete, customers will be emailed a confirmation of their purchase. They are also provided with an online portal that helps them manage their bills, view purchase history, make payments and set up their purchasing team.

Do you take offline orders?

Offline orders through fax, phone or email can be manually logged into IBM® WebSphere® and financed through Apruve. Buyers will still receive an email to confirm their order.

Apruve can also integrate into other order management platforms if your business uses a different software to log offline purchases.

How to install?

Before we install, a brief background of your company and financial standing are needed. Once your business has completed this step, our developers will help you install and test the platform in your store.

During this time, we will also assign your business an account manager and supply you with a full spectrum of marketing assets to help your current and new customers use the payment method.