Businesses prefer to buy now and pay later for their procurement needs. Sadly, extending credit to your customers can be a massive burden for your business, it is labor intensive to manage and can wreak havoc on your cash flow.

That is, until now.

Apruve’s B2B Credit Network offers you (the supplier) the ability to extend risk-free lines of credit to your buyers and receive payment within 24 hours of invoicing. Apruve finances your business buyers while also managing collections and invoicing –making the burden of extending credit to your buyers as easy as accepting a credit card.

Your Customer’s Experience

Your clients will be able to enroll in the Apruve program by filling out a quick online credit application, branded for your company. Once approved, your clients will create a username and password to login to their Apruve portal. Here, buyers can create purchasing teams, manage privileges, make payments, and monitor their credit limit.

In order for a buyer to make a purchase, you will need to place the order for them through Xero., Once you submit that order, your customer will receive an order estimate via email. In the email, they will have a choice to approve the order or deny. If they approve the order, it will get applied to their Apruve account.

Buyers will receive payment reminders and notifications to make them aware of upcoming and past due invoices.

Read more about the Xero Buyer Experience.

How to install?

Apruve requires all merchants to go through a financial due diligence process called KYC or ‘Know your Customer.’ This is to ensure your organization is in good financial standing. You can find additional information on this process here.

Once approved, installation will only take a few moments. For full directions, request access to our developer hub.