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Apruve Announces New Board Member

MINNEAPOLIS – APRIL 23rd – Apruve, the credit automation platform, announces the addition of a new member to their Board of Directors, David Novak.

Mr. Novak is an experienced enterprise business and technology leader with a proven track record in sales, business development, and product management. The new board member has most notably served as the Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development for another Minneapolis based SaaS company, SPS Commerce. At SPS, David helped the company become an industry leader in cloud-based supply chain management solutions, which included the involvement and leadership through a very successful IPO in 2010.

“Michael Noble (CEO) and the team at Apruve have brought to market SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that address painful accounts receivables problems. Apruve essentially eliminates cash flow and collections issues for their customers,” said David, “Apruve is in an enviable market during a high-growth phase that is virtually unlimited. The value to their customers is evident and the solutions are rock solid. I needed to be a part of this and am thrilled to serve on the board.”

“Apruve has been looking for a board member that brings a successful history in a high growth company and leadership we can learn from,” said Michael Noble, CEO, Apruve, “David Novak is that person. He has already been a value add to our team and we look forward to his continued involvement.”

David currently advises and is a board director for several other North American SaaS companies.

About Apruve
Apruve is a B2B credit automation platform that manages and finances credit programs for suppliers and their business customers. Allowing merchants to sell on net terms and be paid immediately without financial risk, overhead, or collections. To learn more about how Apruve can grow your business, visit