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BigCommerce B2B suppliers can now extend risk-free lines of credit to their buyers

Apruve, the largest online B2B credit network, has officially joined the BigCommerce App

Extending credit to business buyers has commonly been a very cumbersome, risky, and paper-based process for many manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. For these reasons, many businesses have opted out of extending credit to their customers through eCommerce.

Apruve’s application allows business owners to extend net terms through the BigCommerce platform. This gives their online and offline buyers risk-free credit terms without back-office management, or any paper-based processes. Furthermore, Apruve finances business buyers to pay suppliers in 24 hours, allowing suppliers the ability to speed up their cash flow and working capital.

Purchasing on net terms is the preferred payment method for many business buyers and has been proven to promote positive purchasing behavior. Buyers using Apruve tend to buy 3.3 times the line items and 2.2 times the order frequency in comparison to customers paying with credit card.

“We are excited to have our application available to the BigCommerce community,” said Michael Noble, CEO of Apruve, “by combining the benefits of both the BigCommerce platform and Apruve’s credit network, B2B suppliers have an incredible amount of functionality and power to grow their B2B eCommerce presence and revenue.”

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About Apruve
Apruve is a B2B credit network that allows suppliers to extend revolving lines of credit to their customers without any overhead or financial risk. The automated platform integrates directly into online stores or ERPs to manage credit programs for suppliers with and without eCommerce. To learn more about how Apruve can grow your business, visit