Magento + Apruve

Magento + Apruve

Why did Apruve integrate with Magento?

We wanted to give a large existing customer base quick and easy access to our solution. Apruve gives B2B sellers a credit management platform to eliminate A/R and streamline invoicing and purchasing. 291,749 websites currently use Magento. We also wanted to integrate our solution on a platform that was built for B2B ecommerce. Magento has a B2B industry solution with features that include: Account Management, Negotiated Pricing Terms, Quick Order, Mobile Responsive Design, Inventory Tracking, and ERP Connectors. In fact, Forrester Research rated Magento’s B2B solutions a “Strong Performer” (Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2, 2015).

How easy is it to get started using Apruve on my Magento site?

Install the Apruve Magento Extension here.

Complete the steps in our Getting Started guide.

Can I onboard my existing customers?

Yes. More information here.

Where can I find more information about the Apruve Extension for Magento?

Download our one page overview of our Magento Extension here.

Contact us for a demo!