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Matrix Payments partners with Apruve

Matrix Payment Systems Partners with Apruve to Drive B2B Credit Management Automation

Apruve’s credit network drives significant cost savings to Matrix clients

Apruve, the leading credit network for suppliers and their customers, announced today a strategic relationship with Matrix Payment Systems, a leading business-to-business (B2B) payment processing independent sales organization (ISO). Together, Apruve and Matrix Payment Systems offer customers a sophisticated solution that makes extending a revolving line of credit as easy and risk-free as accepting a credit card.

Matrix Payments regularly sees the risks their clients assume by their expanding accounts receivable, as many of their business transactions are still relationship-based or done on lines of credit. Apruve’s credit network gives suppliers a turnkey way to extend revolving lines of credit to their customers without any back office overhead or financial risk.

“Credit cards are just one part of the payment landscape when it comes to B2B and many of our customers extend lines of credit or offer purchase orders to buyers,” said Glenn Hughes, CEO of Matrix Payment Systems. ““This process can be extremely manual and expensive to manage. Apruve automates the entire process to save suppliers’ time, money and resources. That was a story we could get behind.”

With this latest partnership, Apruve continues to grow its B2B credit network, making it easier for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to manage their business and increase their profit margin.

“Matrix Payments has seen the challenges in manually managing and financing a credit program, which is why we see our partnership being so valuable,” said Michael Noble, CEO of Apruve. “Both Apruve and Matrix have a pulse on what suppliers are looking for. Together, we can transform the B2B payments landscape.”

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