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Semiconductor Apruval Report Press Release

New Apruval Rating Ranks B2B eCommerce Efficiency for Semiconductors

MINNEAPOLIS – May 15, 2019 – Apruve releases Semiconductor Apruval Rating, outlining the top online performers in the industry and areas to improve digital commerce.

Over 50 B2B eCommerce sites in the Semiconductor industry were put through a thorough rubric highlighting each company’s B2B performance as it relates to their marketing, user experience, and ability to meet a business buyer’s expectations.

“Ecommerce is a preference for consumer shopping, and this preference is being brought into the workplace as well,” said Michael Noble, CEO at Apruve, “By issuing these reports, we hope to shed light on where B2B purchasing is heading and help businesses prepare for digital transformation”

The industry report was able to pull out some shocking industry stats:

  • 63% offer a credit app
  • 23% allow buyers to save their shopping cart
  • 67% offer a responsive website
  • 21% have customer reviews
  • Digi-Key electronics placed first over in the eCommerce ranking by a narrow margin, followed by Sparkfun Electronics, Newark Element 14, Echo Electric Supply and State Electric Supply

    To see the full report containing the ranking and rating of each company, please visit:

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