TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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Shopify + Apruve

The Apruve App in the Shopify App Store is a wholesaler’s dream. Now, Shopify stores can offer their wholesale buyers payment terms and credit with zero risk to them. Buyers apply online for credit with the seller through Apruve’s online credit application (includes seller’s branding and is managed and processed by Apruve). Once approved, buyers can start using their credit with the online store and pay on terms. Sellers receive payment on invoices 24 hours or less after they are generated online (reducing the time it takes to get paid). Buyers then pay Apruve according to the terms offered (Net 30/45/60 or another plan of the seller’s choice).

Why should a wholesaler on Shopify offer payment terms?

It is standard practice for business buyers to pay on terms. If a seller is offering a commodity, buyers will naturally choose to purchase from the seller offering them more time to pay.

Why should a wholesaler on Shopify extend credit?

A line of credit binds you more tightly to your customer. If a buyer has to choose between purchasing from a seller they have an existing credit line with and a seller they don’t, again, they will naturally choose to buy from the the seller they have an existing credit line with.

How does Apruve’s program protect wholesalers from fraud?

Apruve takes on the risk associated with offering credit to buyers. Sellers don’t need to worry about collections, Apruve takes care of that, too. Basically, sellers get paid within 24 hours for invoices and Apruve takes care of the rest.

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