Patterson Dental


Hello Patterson,

Are you ready to transform your business?

Marketing Value

Boost Profits of Every Sale
Drastically reduce or eliminate costly and resource intensive paper-based A/R processes

New Customers are Verified
and Approved in 60 Seconds
‘Apruve’ new customers for a Patterson revolving line of credit within 60 seconds.

Increase Employee Efficiency
Are your sales people involved in collections? Stop that! Allow them to sell and let Apruve handle the rest

b2b ecommerce

Make your Days Sales Outstanding 1 (Currently 49)
Cash in hand, is cash spent. Allowing you to buy more inventory, investments, wages and/or decrease your payables quicker.Imagine if this was one day?

No More Doubtful Accounts!
2016 Patterson reported $12M for doubtful accounts. Apruve takes on all financial risk.

Join Our Credit Network
Apruve is a B2B credit network that connects business buyers, their suppliers, and third-party banks to drive B2B sales through easy, risk-free lines of credit.

Finance Value

Scalability and More Receivables
Does Not Mean More Employees
Last year your business recorded $796.69m in receivables at an increase of 135% from the previous year ($586.26m).

Move all your Receivables to Cash
Your cash and Equivalents for 2016 was $137.45m – How would you like to see this number become 934.14M (all receivables added to cash & equivalents). When you finance your AR through Apruve, you only get cash, not a receivable.