Put Prepaid Accounts on Autopilot

Simplify your reward, retainer, or risk mitigation program with automation.

Offer Automate Prepaid Accounts

Simplify your reward, retainer, or risk mitigation program with automation. Buyers can make payments in advance and simply their invoice and payment process.

Automate Prepaid Accounts

Don’t let uncertainty hold your business back from growth. Eliminate financial risk by allowing low creditworthy customers or emerging markets to prepay for products. No need to develop credit databases or risk strategies to drive growth globally.

Make Your Business More Flexible

Whether managing retainers, gift cards (without the cards), or as a preferred payment, Apruve’s prepay solution can manage it all. Prepaid gives your enterprise payment flexibility for your customers, markets, and goals. 

Simplify Self-Service

Buyers can log into their online portal to see how much is left on their prepaid account, add to their balance, and see the invoices that are deducted from it.

Office workers


Mitigate Risk

Have low creditworthy customers and emerging markets prepay risk-free.


Allow customers from anywhere in the world use prepay through Apruve.


There are no transaction or account limits to support even the largest customers.

EVeryTHing OnLINe

Everything from credit applications to payments is online and automated.


Reduce fixed costs by 50% by automating credit, payments, and A/R.

credit management


Customers can create purchasing teams, autopay, and track invoices from the buyer portal.

Standard Features

  • Open API
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital payment option
  • Buyer purchasing teams
  • Buyer order metrics & reporting
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Online credit limit increase request
  • Lockbox for checks
  • Online credit approval
  • Cash app and automatic invoice closure
  • Autopay when invoices are due
  • Text message payment reminders
  • Online Buyer Portal

Start building an automated, financed credit program.

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