Put Prepaid Accounts on Autopilot

Simplify your reward, retainer, or risk mitigation program with automation.


Protect Yourself From Risk

Don’t let uncertainty hold your business back from growth. Eliminate financial risk by allowing low creditworthy customers or emerging markets to prepay for products.

Flexible to Your Business

Whether managing retainers, gift cards (without the cards), or as a preferred payment, Apruve’s prepay solution can manage it all.


Simple Self-Service

Buyers can log into their online portal to see how much is left on their prepaid account, add to their balance, and see the invoices that are deducted from it.

Doing business overseas?

Eliminate payment uncertainty of selling in foreign entities by implementing prepaid accounts. No need to develop credit databases or risk strategies to drive growth globally.

There are no transaction or account limits to support even the largest customers.

Brand everything from payment notifications to the online portal.

Have low creditworthy customers and emerging markets prepay risk-free.

Customers can choose their preferred payment method from their portal.

Allow customers from anywhere in the world use Prepay through Apruve.

Automate your prepay program using your current technology stack, no manual steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers need to pay Apruve to create the initial balance?
Initial payments do not need to be processed through Apruve. They can be collected outside of the platform and submitted manually. Apruve will just manage the payment notifications and balance of the account.

Can customers use the Apruve’s credit management & prepay together? 
Yes, the payments can be used in tandem, the prepay will temporarily increase the credit limit of the buyer.


Where can we use the prepay feature?
Like Apruuve’s other payment options, Prepay can be integrated into any order management software, including ERPs and eCommerce.

What insights are shown to suppliers and buyers?
Buyers will be able to see their purchase history and remaining balance. Suppliers will be able to see the credits remaining on each account and the portfolio as a whole.

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