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Plus Invoice Financing Fee



Plus Invoice Financing Fee



Plus Invoice Financing Fee



Financing Fee between 1% - 2.75% based on order volume.

No annual contracts • Financing fee automatically adjusts with increased volume.

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  • Supported ERP integration for offline ordering
  • Supported eCommerce integration for online ordering
  • Buyer underwriting and credit approval
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Seller paid in 24 hrs for any new invoice generated
  • Full program analytics and reporting

Apruve shows more than a 30% reduction from the cost of managing and financing your own credit program.

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Pricing FAQs

What is the finance fee?

Our finance fee is less than a credit card, on average. The percentage is based on volume. This is automatically deducted before each invoice is funded and deposited into your bank account.

What comes out of a quote?

We will be able to get custom pricing once specifics on expected volume are submitted. Percentage rates typically go down when corporate account volume and purchasing go up.

What is the ROI for your program?

Our program has proven to increase line items by 3x and order frequency by 2x compared to using a credit card as a form of payment.

Am I locked into a contract?

Our pricing and model is based on a month-to-month contract. We don't want you to feel stuck with a solution that may not be the right fit for your company.

Can I change tiers?

If your company grows out of the tier that they originally sign up with, we will move them into the next tier. Moving to a larger tier could include a decrease in your finance fee.

Do we have to give Apruve all of our customers to manage?

No. We can manage all or part of your credit program. It’s up to you and your specific needs.