TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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Apruve is Your Complete B2B Accounts Receivable Automation Platform

Financed Credit and A/R Automation for the Global B2B Enterprise

Who we help

Apruve enables global enterprises to create financed credit programs that automate credit, payments, and A/R. Whether your enterprise is looking to drive efficiencies in their long-tail cohort of smaller buyers, extend lines of credit to online customers, or needs help to expand internationally, Apruve can build the right financed credit and A/R program customized to your markets, customers, and goals.


What we do for you

Improve revenue predictability

Reduce fixed costs by over 50%

Reduce credit risk

Increase ROI on long-tail customers

Make your team value-generating

Improve the buyer experience

How we do it

Apruve is a two-part solution: The Apruve Global Credit Network & Apruve Payment Platform. Our Global Credit Network is composed of lenders around the world, allowing you to simplify and accelerate the underwriting process. The Apruve Payment Platform enables your enterprise to intelligently automate credit, A/R, and collections to drive operational efficiencies.

Apruve Global Credit Network

Develop a financed credit program with a worldwide network of lenders.

Apruve Payment Platform

Optimize & automate transactions from credit approvals to collections.