Making Credit Your Competitive Advantage

Automate your B2B credit program to drive sales and increase profit

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Ship More Stuff

Increase in line items per order for customers on account vs. credit card.
Increase in order frequency for customers on account vs. credit card.

Eliminate the Wait

Accelerate your credit approval process with Apruve's white labeled online form.

And even though your customer will get 30+ days to pay, you're paid in 24 hours for any new invoice that gets created.

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Financial Risk

You’re not a bank, but extending payment terms means you are lending to your customers every day.

Apruve’s credit network uses third-party banks to finance your orders in real time, eliminating the cash flow, back office and balance sheet burdens of managing your own program.

Streamline and Save

Do you know what your credit program costs you?

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Why Choose Apruve?

"Apruve has single handedly changed the course of VARASPEC and our cash flow in ways I never thought possible."
Mike Duesing, Principal
"Apruve has allowed our customers the option of flexible payment terms with little negative impact to our cash flow."
John Conley, Director of Operations

Personalized for Your Business

We focus on your brand, not ours. All email communication, invoices and statements are branded for you, ensuring you stay front and center with your customer.

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Seamless Integrations


Apruve works right from your cart checkout to make it easy to extend terms and drive online sales.


Our credit network ties into your ERP or order management system, running behind the scenes to manage and finance the orders you receive.

Increase revenue, not risk.

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