Apruve Solutions for Financial Institutions

Develop new, high margin lending products to gain new clients or add value to existing clients.

Grow Revenue with Apruve: Two Lender Options

Apruve offers two solutions for financial institutions: the Apruve Global Credit Network and white-label trade credit automation. Both solutions combine business process automation software with real-time invoice financing but cater to different customer bases.

Apruve Global Credit Network

Grow your customer base and drive credit card-like returns by joining Apruve’s network of global lenders. You’ll gain access to buyer portfolios for each trade credit program. 

White-Label Trade Credit Automation

Your financial institution can offer enterprise customers trade credit automation and be the invoice financer for your client’s invoices. You increase customer loyalty while opening up a new, high-margin stream of revenue.

Millions Moved

We process thousands of transactions a month from around the world in multiple currencies.

net terms

Grow Lending Program

Expand your relationship with your customers by offering trade credit automation and real-time invoice financing. 

Fully Automated

Our API-based architecture seamlessly integrates to third-party lenders. We manage the “rules” of each program to deliver a hands-off experience for our lending partners.

Grow Revenue with Apruve

We are revolutionizing how businesses get paid and seek partners that helps us accomplish this. If you specialize in B2B lending or payments, let’s start a conversation.