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Apruve Technical Specs: FAQs

To build the best customizable credit program for your enterprise, Apruve learns about how you sell and to whom.

Let us answer your technical spec & program questions

 Apruve is a global company currently operating in over 40 countries including the EU and Asia. Apruve has no restrictions in regions and adds new countries monthly. 

Apruve was founded in 2013. 

Apurve serves global enterprises with greater than $100 million in revenue per year.

Apruve works with merchants such as Texas Instruments, Boxed, and Flir. Our financial partners include Mastercard, HSBC, Santander, and Allianz Trade.
Apruve is a technology company that works with third-party lenders like HSBC and Santander to provide the best lender for your customers, markets, and goals. We are also working to add access to other 3rd party vendors for added fraud detection, built-in credit decisioning, and credit insurance.

Apruve is an API-first payment platform that allows businesses to use Apruve wherever and however they prefer. It supports offline and online sales and it’s extensible across all enterprise systems:

  • ERP
  • POS
  • eCommerce
  • EDI
  • CMR
Typically approval rates are over 70%, but it is dependent on the merchants’ risk structure, price, geographic region, and industry.
Yes, we can pre-approve existing customers.
Setting up an account and filling out the credit application typically takes less than 15 minutes. Buyers are approved in little as 3 minutes online. Credit limits over $250,000 may need additional time for approval.
Office workers

Most programs are net terms based (ie – invoicing on Net 30, 60 , or 90 day terms), but our platform allows for any lending model including buy now, pay later, and equipment financing.


Our transaction fee is less than a credit card and is based on volume. It’s automatically deducted from the funded invoice.

The technology can operate anything that the lender and merchant agree on. Our largest credit line for a Net 30 term is currently $2.5 million, however there is no maximum credit line that can be granted.

The technology can operate anything that the lender and merchant agree on.

We have a real-time buyer portal. Within that buyer portal, a buyer can see their historical order, invoice, and payment history, as well as request credit line increases and manage their employees who have access to Apruve. We also have a fully staffed customer experience (customer support) center.

Apruve uses API connections to connect the order management and shipping workflow of the merchant. The order is authorized against the credit line, then invoiced at the time of shipment.

Apruve works very similar to a credit card. At the point of an order, Apruve authorizes that order to ensure the buyer has adequate credit to cover the order. Once authorized, Apruve waits for that order to ship (in full or in part) at which point Apruve generates an invoice for that order.


In financed invoice programs, third-party lenders extend credit. Our customer experience team works with lenders and your buyers to collect payments and provide a seamless buyer experience. The receivable aging, collection, and bad debt assumption is the lender’s responsibility.

In the self-financed program, the receivable aging, collection, and bad debt assumption is the merchant’s responsibility.

In financed invoice programs, the third-party lender owns the receivable. With the self-financed program, the merchant owns the recievable. 

 Apruve maintains an Apruve API allowing for a return to be processed via API.

Typically, the buyer will alert the merchant of the return, and when the merchant receives the return they will process it in their system, at which point Apruve credits that buyer’s account in the returned amount.

If the invoice was funded up front by a lender, then the lender will be instructed via API to withhold that amount from the next day’s funding event. Apruve also maintains credit memo functionality.

Apruve is designed to push compliance and regulatory requirements to its lending partners. Money movement, lending, and PCI compliance are all handled by 3rd party lending institutions, regulated to handle such things in their respective regions.

Merchants receive payments within 24 hours of invoicing buyers.   

There is a dynamic application process based on organization’s structure and size. There are a number of tools that can be deployed to effectively handle KYC through partners like Finicity (Open Banking – using bank accounts to verify identity and guage credit risk), Alloy (an API based KYC tool) and Allianz Trade.

Apruve has two products/paths that could be taken.

In the first option, we use a 3rd party lender (The Apruve Global Credit Network) and the merchant’s invoices are financed upfront. In this case, the lender uses their own credit decisioning black box, using tools like Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Lexus Nexus, and others.

In the second option, the seller manages it in-house and does not receive financing. Apruve can help provide credit decisioning tools. These could include open banking tools like Finicity, or credit decisioning and KYC tools from Alloy or Alliance Trade. We work with the merchant to design the right credit decisioning engine for your needs.

Typically, integration takes 6-8 weeks.

Our support team provides coverage from 8:30am – 5:00pm Central, 5 days a week (including holidays). Merchants receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be involved from integration through the life of the partnership and will be responsible for merchant health. This includes quarterly business reviews, ongoing calls, training, etc.

Apruve offers many payment options including ACH, wire, direct debit, EFT, or check.