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3 Articles to Help You Be Successful in B2B eCommerce


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August 1, 2016


Not every B2B company is well suited to immediately jump into eCommerce. B2B eCommerce is not a simple plugin that solves all your issues instantaneously. An online store requires a lot of time to set up as well as to maintain. Before launching your site, be sure you are aware of what your customer is looking for and what features are needed. Start simple and then later grow your functionality as you grow your user/buys base.
Keys to B2B e-commerce success

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August 1, 2016


With the dramatic growth in B2B eCommerce it is clear that many businesses can substantially increase revenues with an online store. Before making this leap, be sure to consider the following to increase the chances of your success:

Hire an eCommerce Professional – Setting up and managing an online store is not a simple task. Dedicate a professional to manage it.

Emphasize on Mobile – More and more buyers are shopping on their mobile devices, even for B2B purchases.

The use of Big Data – Online stores can generate a lot of information about how your customers acts. Take notice of these behaviors to better streamline your site.

Simplification of Complex Tasks – B2B transactions typically involve a variety of options that make any transaction a tedious process. Symplify your online store and checkout to increase revenues.

Marketing Integration – Use your E-commerce store to help you see what your customers want, use marketing integration to promote behaviors on those wants.

How eCommerce Wholesale Platforms are Improving Customer Experiences

August 2, 2016


What can your B2B e-commerce site learn from Amazon? It is all about the customer! When constructing your site, be sure to share all the necessary information, make the login process and check out simple and make your site as fluid as possible. Just because it is not B2C, does not mean that there is not a person navigating through your site.
B2B E-Commerce Should Take a Page From Amazon’s Book