On board your B2B customers

5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Use Your B2B eCommerce Site

Let me guess: Your B2B customers are hesitant to use your new online platform, aren’t they?

By now, you’ve probably heard all sorts of excuses from them on why they won’t purchase through your new platform. Others will tell you that it’s too expensive — even when it’s not. Others will tell you that the learning curve will take far too long — even when it won’t. Lastly, others will even tell you to your face that they don’t need your online platform — even if they obviously do.

With how the B2B customers are often such a tough nut to crack, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What points do I convey to my b2b customers to influence them to start using my online platform?”

That’s a great question to ask.

The good news is, we are all too familiar with the answer due to our years of experience working with countless buyers and sellers — and we’re going to share the answers with you.

These are some of the best points that you can raise.

1. 24/7 sales engine that runs like clockwork– even when your customers sleep.

Just because your customers are sleeping, shouldn’t mean that the capability to take in money should also “sleep.”

With your online platform, your customers will have a 24/7 sales mechanism that’s going to enable them to purchase even though they’re not in the office.

2. Save your customers from logistics nightmares.

Because the transactions are done through your online platform, your customers won’t have to bother themselves with too many logistics related tasks than they would if they were to run the orders manually by themselves.

The benefit becomes even more evident when your b2b customers’ buyers come flocking in droves. Your customers will have a better appreciation of how much time, effort, and resources your online platform can save them.

3. Easy tracking of orders.

Your online platform enables your customers’ buyers to track their orders easily.

While most sellers don’t see the value of this feature, plenty of online buyers, on the other hand, appreciate having the ability to track the status of their orders. It puts them at ease knowing that their orders were in fact processed, and it didn’t just fall through the cracks.

4. Easy product search/navigation.

Making it easy for your customers’ buyers to browse through your b2b customers’ products, and navigate their platform easily can help improve your customers’ conversion rate.

Considering how challenging it is to influence most people to make purchases online, it will pay your b2b customers dividends in the future if they make it easy for their buyers to find the products that they want.

5. Painless business process.

Emphasizing that the goal of your online platform is to help ease your b2b customers’ business process — and not change it entirely — is a crucial point to convey.

Your customers are often reluctant to use a new system for fear of the multitudes of changes that it will bring about in their business process.

When you come from an angle where your b2b customers see you as merely improving their business process and not change it entirely, it becomes easier for them to open up to the idea of using your new online platform.

We adopt a similar approach here at Apruve. Instead of entirely changing our b2b customers’ business process, we merely help improve it by making their system as painless as possible for them and their buyers. We do this through our online platform.


Reduced cost resulting to higher profit margin, fewer headaches, and a 24/7 sales mechanism that can process their transactions as they sleep (among other things); these are just some of the many benefits that your B2B customers crave for when searching for an online platform to run their business.

While most b2b customers are hesitant to integrate a new system or process in their business, influencing them to adopt your new platform is not at all impossible. The clearer you can convey to your customers how your new online platform possesses features that would give them the benefits that they are craving for, the easier it becomes for you to influence them to acquire your new online platform.