Online credit application

Relationship Building with Corporate Accounts

Simply stated, Corporate Accounts tie you closer to your customers. Just as retailers offer consumers credit cards for easier in-store purchasing on credit, Corporate Accounts allow your customers to access immediate lines of credit exclusively through your online store. Our B2B credit management solution streamlines credit approvals, invoicing and payments, and gives your company the opportunity to offer payment terms without having cash flow issues. You are paid within 24 hours of an invoice being generated on your site; no more waiting to get paid! There is no waiting around for purchase approval on credit (credit card offered by your favorite retailer) through a B2C site, so why make your buyers wait days, if not weeks, to make a purchase on your site (the time it currently takes you to process your customer’s credit application and get them approved to pay on terms on your site)?

The faster your customer can get approved to pay on terms and make their first order, the faster they can order again. And again. And again. You see where we are going here. Did we mention that our checkout modal shows your customer how much credit they have remaining after their purchase?


We make ordering online easy and pain-free for your customers while getting you paid ASAP. Happy customers! Happy CFOs! It is truly a win-win solution.

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