TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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Trade Credit in China & Asia Made Easy

Specializing in B2B credit management, invoicing and payments throughout China & the Asia-Pacific Region.

Facilitating B2B trade credit into and between APAC and other countries.

Is your global enterprise looking to drive efficiencies in trade credit, extend lines of credit to online or marketplace customers, or expand to the APAC Region?

No B2B payments provider facilitates more transaction volume in China and the APAC region than Apruve. The Asia Pacific B2B eCommerce market is projected to grow by 15% annually to a market cap of $254 trillion by 2030 due to the growing trend toward digital transactions among enterprises. Let us help you be ready.

We offer:

  • Multi-lingual invoices, emails, and buyer portals
  • Localized invoicing
  • Multi-currency
  • Flexible currency control
  • Global banking partnerships such as HSBC


Global payments

Global Trade Credit made easy

From underwriting, through invoicing, payment and collections, Apruve automates credit and A/R in over 40 countries.

Guaranteed Payments

Your customer is invoiced on net terms, you are paid out the very next day.


Apruve has partnered with global banks like HSBC to customize buyer portfolio programs and facilitate invoice funding and payments. 

Fraud Protection

Protect yourself from fraud with guaranteed next-day payment. Buyers go through onboarding protocol to mitigate fraud.

Multi-currency, Multi-language

Offer net terms in the currency and language of your customers with flexible currency control.

credit management

Customer Credit Management

Customers can create purchasing teams, autopay, and track invoices  from the buyer portal.

Start building an automated, financed credit program in China and the APAC.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can help your global enterprise grow your online B2B strategies in the APAC region.