Webinar: Strategies for Improving the Customer Journey

Strategies for Improving the Customer Journey and Increasing Conversions

OroCommerce – TruPar – Apruve Sponsored Webinar

This webinar will explore how B2B commerce businesses need to transform to keep pace with the exacting expectations of their buyers. We will elaborate on the most influential features B2B business owners should invest in to facilitate their customers’ journey to the order.
In addition, this webinar will feature a B2B entrepreneur’s perspective on eCommerce, B2B payment terms, and trends that he’s seeing in the market.
  • The Shift in B2B Buying Expectations
  • Top B2B Capabilities that Improve Customer Journey
  • Comparing B2B Online and Offline Payment Preferences
  • Streamlining Payment Offerings to Increase Order Value and Frequency
  • Business Owner’s Perspective: TruPar.com Online Strategy
  • Set up a call to discuss how Apruve can help grow your business with the demanding challenges in B2B.

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